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One-Day Trips

Book a One-Day Trip!


June 10th - July 30th, 2017

Arrive: 9:00 or 9:30 AM

Orientation: 9:30 or 10:00 AM

Busses to the Put-in Site: 10:00 or 10:30 AM

One-day guests should plan to arrive 30 minutes before the Orientation. You will go to the Rumsey Ranch located at 3038 County Road 41 in Rumsey, CA.  Once you arrive on the property, please follow the signs to the parking and the check-in site.  After parking, please have one person from your group check in and receive wristbands and release forms for the entire group. 

Once your release forms are filled out, you will gather together for an instructional and safety orientation. Our staff will help fit you with your life jacket. Then you’re ready to board the bus!  Remember, you will need three things to board the bus: wristband - on your wrist; release form - filled out legibly and signed; and river-appropriate footwear.  Remember to leave your keys with us.

At the Put-In Site, staff will give you your paddles and help you onto the river.

Saturday Lunch: Enjoy your freshly packed sack lunch anywhere along the river. Lunch includes: turkey and provolone cheese on a ciabatta bun, fresh fruit, chips, and a granola bar. 

Sunday’s Lunch will be prepared by our camp chef and served at Cottonwood Bar at the end of your trip between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM.  Lunch includes all beef Polish dogs, right off the grill, chips, red potato salad, cold watermelon, and lemonade. We also have vegetarian alternatives. Just let us know when you make your reservation that you would like the vegetarian lunch.

At the end of your trip take a moment to visit our River Store and view your pictures available for purchase.

What To Bring: Bring a rafting partner - no one can raft alone! It is also suggested that you bring a small soft ice chest that zips shut with a carabiner clip to keep your belongings in the raft (no glass bottles, please). Don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, a disposable waterproof camera, water toys, and secure footwear. Tennis shoes, water shoes, or any tight fitting shoes or secure fitting sandals such as Tevas are acceptable for rafting. You must have the proper footwear to raft (no flip-flops or bare feet). Remember to lock your valuables in your car and leave your keys with us.

What To Leave at Home: River rafting requires a certain level of agility, so please leave your pets at home and bring children only over the age of 12. Pregnant women should not raft. No dogs.

Please remember: Alcohol and rafting do not mix. Please raft responsibly. Notice: you are rafting at your own risk!

2017 Season

One-Day Trips - Per Person

June 10 through July 30

rafting every Saturday & Sunday   

One-Day Trips           $65.00

Price includes lunch, parking,

all rafting gear, life jackets

and courtesy transportation.

Two people per raft.

Group Planner Incentive

book 6 rafts (12 people) and your personal trip is on us!

Last Minute Guests Always Welcome!!!
For Reservations call 530-796-3091 or click here to send us an email


P.O. Box 34 Rumsey, CA 95679

1-530-796-3091  FAX: 1-530-796-0553

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