About Us

Our Story

Established in 1973, Cache Canyon River Trips is the oldest rafting company on Cache Creek. Current owners and outdoor enthusiasts, Mark and Brandy Burns, bring over 20 years of rafting, kayaking and outdoor experience to this family-owned and operated business. Nestled in the beautiful Capay Valley, Cache Creek’s warm water and close proximity to the Greater Bay Area make it a perfect summer destination.

Customer Parking

Our two-day guests can conveniently park their vehicles right where they camp, having easy access to your vehicle all weekend long. Our one-day guests’ vehicles are parked at the Rumsey takeout location.

Gourmet Meals

Our camp chef uses only the finest ingredients and our meat is cut to order from a local butcher. Our fruits and vegetables are locally grown, organic when possible, and delivered fresh from the produce market each week. We also have a great vegetarian menu available upon request.

Commercial Rafts

Cache Canyon River Trips offers the largest variety of rafts on Cache Creek. You may choose between our original 2-3 person Achilles rafts (self-bailing or bucket boats) or our 2 person Aire self-bailing kayaks. We do have a limited number of larger Aire self-bailing rafts that seat up to 6 people and are reserved for larger groups with odd numbers or younger children. You may call to request a larger raft, however, we cannot guarantee availability.


As if two days on the river is not enough entertainment, two-day guests can enjoy a little river party under the stars on Saturday night. The evening begins with a little dancing and then ends with a laugh as you watch yourself and fellow rafters in a slideshow of everyone going down our legendary Mother rapid.

Action Photos

Going through the Mother is worth a thousand words. Save your memories and share them with your friends. We take digital photographs of our guests going through Mother, the largest and the most exciting rapid on Cache Creek. All photographs are free and are posted on our Facebook page. Please note that we only take pictures on Saturday, we do not take any photos on Sunday.

What to See in the Capay Valley

One of Northern California’s magnificent and natural treasures, the Capay Valley is a visual reminder of the Earth’s natural history. Over the millennia, plate tectonics have thrust rock and sediment to the surface forming some of most magnificent and diverse strata California has to offer.

In addition to the breathtaking views, the canyon is home to many animals. Black tailed deer, tule elk, river otters, turtles, egrets, herons and a variety of other shore birds all frequent the riverbanks. Red tailed hawks, osprey, falcons, golden and bald eagles soar high above the canyon walls. Keep a close eye out for the resident bald eagle that is regularly seen perched just north of the Mother rapid.

Come and enjoy the best rafting adventure in Northern California!